Seam Gauge

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Marking aid for seams, angles and buttonholes. Perfect for checking or marking small measurements when quilting or sewing.

  • Ideal for precise measurements for dressmaking, quilting, or knitting
  • Can be ironed so you can measure and press right away
  • Circles and distances between buttonholes can also be quickly drawn

3 options for the perfect fit for the job:

Mini Gauge: This handy mini gauge includes 14 commonly used measurements from 1/8 inch to 2 inches on one double-sided tool.

Metric Seam Gauge: Durable aluminum metric seam gauge from Prym. Measurements in cm and mm. Measure 1cm to 6cm seams or distances.

Seam Gauge: Gauge for setting, measuring and marking any measurement precisely. With cm and inch scale.