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Sharp stainless steel or coated high-carbon steel blades for effortless cutting of fabric. All our dressmaking scissors have ergonomic bent handles for comfort and easier cutting.

Our premium scissors are made by master scissors crafters and come with a 10-year warranty. Made by Canadian company LDH Scissors.

We offer value and professional shears:

  • Premium Midnight professional shears (limited edition) - handcrafted from heavy-duty premium high carbon steel with a black anti-rust coating.
  • Premium Stainless - constructed from 100% industrial stainless steel, the blades are curved and perfectly aligned, which allows these scissors to cut through thick layers effortlessly while maintaining a sharp edge.
  • Left-handed shears - true left-handed blades option for better visibility when cutting
  • 8.5 inch value shears - sharper stainless steel Kai blades for better cutting on fabric