My Fab Fashion Style File

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Fashion-focused girls will obsess over this personal style sketchbook designed to educate young readers about fashion concepts, fabrics, patterns, and colors, and encourage them to develop their own unique looks.

Activities include charting style history and lots of doodle space for testing original designs. Filled with Lesley Ware’s warm, girl-positive guidance, this activity book is a perfect primer to get tomorrow’s trendsetters and industry leaders dreaming about the future of fashion.

My Fab Fashion Style File also features fascinating style factoids, templates for drawing clothes and figures, and glossaries of iconic designers and useful fashion lingo.

Paperback / 96 pages

Author: Lesley Ware is an educator, style blogger, and designer living in Brooklyn, New York. She runs popular sewing and crafting workshops for girls and is a regular contributor to Martha Stewart Living. She is also the author of Sew Fab: Sewing and Style for Young Fashionistas. Visit her online at