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Beissel German sewing machine needles.

Universal Needles: Light ball point yet sharp pointed makes versatile for many applications. Suitable for most woven and knits.

Jersey/Ballpoint Needles: Needles with slightly rounded tip shape with the ability to enter in between the yarns of knit fabric, instead of piercing like a sharp point needle. Suitable for cotton knits, interlock, rip knits, fleece, double knits and most knit fabrics.

Jeans Needles: Needles with unique spear point, penetrates light fabrics without pushing the fabric down in to the stitch plate hole. Suitable for sewing denim, canvas, multiple layers of fabrics, and for other densely woven fabrics.

Leather Needles: Needles with a cutting point suitable for sewing leather, vinyl, or similar materials.

Microtex Needles: Needles with a very slim acute point shape produce straight and beautiful top stitching on fine fabrics such as micro-fibre fabrics, silk, nylon, and poplin. Very good for quilting.

Serger Needles: This needle is specially designed for use in electronic multipurpose sergers that do the over lock, cover, safety, and mock safety stitches.

Stretch Needles: Needles with ball point and specially shaped Scarf design ensure skip-free stitches. Suitable for sewing elasticized fabrics such as spandex, active knit wear, gymnastic knits and swim wear.

Twin Needles: Constructed with two needles on cross bar from a single shaft. Twin needles sew two rows of stitching at the same time. Suitable for heirloom sewing, decorative stitching and anywhere else that may require multiple uniform stitching rows.

Twin Stretch Needles: Twin needles suitable for synthetic suede and elastic or high-stretch knitwear.