Sewing Machines

Thinking of getting a sewing machine? Make the Stitchery your first stop.

At the Stitchery we are proud to stock Brother sewing machines. We have a range of machines for our classes too – so when you come to the Stitchery for a sewing class, you can try out your future machine! We love Brother machines for their wide range, reliability and ease of use.​

How do you pick the best sewing machine? There is no single best sewing machine in the world – it all depends on how you like to craft, what you want it to be able to do for you, and of course, what you want to spend. Beginners may be better to get a simpler machine – but don’t compromise on quality or you may be put off by the quality of what you’re able to do. Brother offers some great models that won’t break the bank but still provide a solid sewing experience.

We supply and can advise you on sewing machines for beginners, embroidery machines, computerized sewing machines, quilting machines, sergers (overlockers), and more at the Stitchery.

Comparing sewing machines

When choosing a sewing machine, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the myriads of features they throw at you. You may never use more than two of those 50 different stitch types, but a lightweight machine with a small motor won’t be durable in the long run, and not having the right presser foot (the lowerable grip that holds your fabric in place while you sew) for what you want to stitch can be really limiting.

A question we often hear at the Stitchery is should I buy a computerized / digital sewing machine? Many modern machines now have computerized panels, allowing you to program repeatable stitch sequences, among other things. They can be very sophisticated. We stress quality of the mechanism over everything else – a good quality basic machine is likely to give you more satisfaction than a fancier one with poorer build quality.

We can help you decide which sewing machine features you need for the best price.

Sewing furniture from Eddycrest

If you’ve undertaken a sewing project or two, you’ll know just how critical your sewing space is – especially your cutting table and how you organise your sewing supplies.

Sewing, cutting, and pressing tables don’t have to be ugly. We love the crafted  sewing, pressing and cutting tables from Eddycrest Sewing Furniture. Made in Canada from Baltic Birch, with no detail left to chance, these items of furniture are a needleworker’s dream. Eddycrest produces them in a variety of stains so they can coordinate with your home decor. Various configurations allow you to fit the table to your space, and you can choose from a range of customizations for each piece, including height and various add-ons, to make it 100% your own.
See them in-store at the Stitchery and order your custom piece today.

Free home delivery.

Repairs, maintenance and parts

Already have a sewing machine but need to get it fixed? No problem! We use Castle Sewing Centre for repairs and servicing. You can simply drop your machine off at the Stitchery and let us take care of it.