About Us

Want to sew? The Stitchery provides the space, materials, and classes for you to create one of a kind items for yourself or your home.

We sell quality fabrics for dressmaking, quilting, and home decor as well as machines and notions.

Our classes range from core sewing skills to quilting to hand embroidery. Instruction is available at all skill levels.

Our studio is equipped with 7 Brother sewing machines with quilting and embroidery attachments, sergers, and 2 ironing stations. Our drafting tables are 10 feet by 5 feet giving ample work space. They are set at bench height for ease of use. Our hospitality area contains a kettle, a selection of teas, and usually a tasty snack or two.

Join us for a class, participate in our monthly stitch club or quilting sew-in, or drop-in for some advice or fabric for your work-in-progress. We’re here for the community.

Jill Schuler - founder & teacher

“CreativiTea… FestiviTea… Stitchery… Stitching and tea. These are a few of my favourite things.”

Jill Schuler is the owner of The Stitchery. Jill is a creator of wearable arts and a teacher. She has ten years of experience as a costume designer for film, theatre, and circus. She is inspired by the textile traditions and rugged textures of her native Northern Ireland. Her other passions include reading, walking, and a good cup of tea.

​Jill says, “I make sense of what I’m experiencing and learning by making things. Art-making is a generative action. It reminds us that we have the power to transform and to produce beauty.”

For more of Jill’s art visit vimeo.com/thejumpingcat

Kitka Neyedli - sewing & quilting

Kitka is a Port Moody stitcher and quilter. She loves how sewing can be mindful, mindless and meditative and is eager to share these joys with her students. A member of a local modern quilt guild, Kitka’s skills range from quilting and hand stitching to sewing home decor and clothing. Our students appreciate her depth of knowledge and focus on technique. Check out our class schedule for an upcoming class with Kitka.

For more of Kitka’s art follow her at instagram.com/madebykitka.

Ellaine Poon - sewing & service

Ellaine joins the Stitchery team to help customers find the resources they need in our shop for sewing, quilting, and crafting. Ellaine is a Port Moody mum of 2. She is a baker, a knitter, wool spinner, and sewist of over 2 decades. She was bitten by the creative bug at her grandmother’s knee and it’s never gone away since. Over the years Ellaine has dabbled in weaving, lace making, embroidery, and sewing pattern alterations. She loves the creative process and helping others turn ordinary textiles into functional works of art.